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We're an independent company of consultants and technical specialists
offering a broad range of professional services and consultation
in finance, ICT, energy and company management.

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We're an independent company of consultants and technical specialists
offering a broad range of professional services and consultation
in finance, ICT, energy and company management.

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We're an independent company of consultants and technical specialists
offering a broad range of professional services and consultation
in finance, ICT, energy and company management.

Technical advisory in Energy and ICT

Energy accessibility, safe and reliable energy supply, costs effectiveness, optimal usage of resources are in the terms of social acceptance the fundamental conditions for each effective economy. Interconnections among such requirements together with searching for the most optimal technical and economical solutions are the fundamentals of energy policy development in all management levels. We are experienced in energy efficiency projects realizations and use of renewable energy sources and secondary energy sources, energy service providing, energy concepts development and energy management implementation.

Telecommunication and information technologies are the crucial components of effective company management in entire business sector. Meaningful and advanced usage of technology services, especially in the terms of suitability, reliability, initial and operational costs, obviously increases the personnel productivity and thus the efficiency of entire company and its competitiveness. We consider such services for the tool not for the target – we always think in context, do not cope with isolated components.

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Rating energy efficiency in systems of production, transformation, distribution and consumption of energy. Energy audits, feasibility studies and technology and economic analysis in order to design energy- and cost-efficient method of the energy economy.


Assistance in selection a suitable provider of energy services. Administration of the procurement processes including preparation of tender documentation, evaluation of submitted bids and active participation in the meetings with the tenderers. Innovate the principles of energy management, i.e. the targeted savings strategy leading to effective energy management.


Assessing ways to use fuel and energy in heating systems, the optimal sizing and implementation options or expansion of combined heat and power production. Optimization of existing or basic draft of the new heat sources and heat systems, including calculation of the economic and environmental impacts.


In the area of information and communication technologies we provide the assessment of the current state, then the balance sheet and risk analysis and draft of implementing measures to achieve the desired effects - cost savings, increased productivity, increased efficiency, or a combination of all criteria.


We provide analysis of the current telecommunications solutions, draft of optimal changes in the areas of technical topology (data, fix, mobile, HW, SW).

Analysis of contractual terms with suppliers, draft of changes and measures to ensure their implementation through the realization of the tender documentation, tender and draft of the new contract with the supplier.


Analysis of the current solutions of customer needs "in house" ICT. We process balance sheet and risk analysis for management decision. Subsequent phases are procurement, supplier selection and implementation or migration of individual parts (SW, HW) for the best solution.

The services include legal support for immediate response of situations of the occurring requirements.

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Our tailor-made services

  • We develop the actual audit scheme of current services in use with respect to the business sector of the company and future strategy and policy of the company.
  • We propose the optimization of service usage and recommend its development.
  • We develop the tender documentation for selection of service providers.
  • We support the procurement processes including the proposal of selection criteria, publicizing the procurement, communicating with stakeholders, monitoring the opening and examination of bids, creation of an analytic framework to evaluate bids.
  • We process cost optimization study and qualitative study, implementation project and risk assessment included.
  • We develop and manage suitable financing of proposed solution.
  • We present the sources for final service provider selection and/or measure realization with regard to investment strategy of the company and considering the availability of sources.
  • We provide you with full business and legislation support within the contracting aiming at the most favorable contract assignment.

Economic and grant services

Our services in each area are provided as a complete solution. As an example we mention grants from the Structural Funds: after consultation with the client we identify opportunities for grant support within the client‘s planned investment projects and we provide complete service for the allocation of the relevant grant sources. Synergy of a client is limited to the minimum necessary level to enable him to fully concentrate on his company’s main business activities.

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Complete service for your company in the area of grant service throughout the project cycle - ie. grant management. We will process the audit of all possibilities to obtain grant support for your project, prepare all documents required by the administrator of providing support, we submit the grant application, we prepare the tender documentation for the selection of supplier, we run the tender and provide the legal services for contract negotiations with the selected bidder and subsequent grant project management and its monitoring.

Our references from successful projects are your guarantee for first-class service.


Due diligence is understood as a process of comprehensive knowledge, charting, analyzing and interpreting information about the target subject. The focus of due diligence vary depending on individual requirements and intentions of the customer. We take great care in the process of concretization orders and create a plan or work schedule to find the optimal scope and structure of the necessary information to implement this plan. Standard output of due diligence is a detailed report containing a summary of all the information and knowledge, emphasizing the fact that have a crucial importance for client and his goals.


Complex service administration of tenders for commercial entities and for the state and local governments in order to achieve the expected effects of cost optimization.

For tender under the Act on public procurement or for the purpose of providing grant support from European funds we can provide: the draft of specifications, qualification criteria, notices for tendering, analysis of bids, ensuring the notification of unsuccessful tenderers, report on consideration and evaluation of tenders, preparation of documents for the client's decision, preparation the advertisement of outcome of award procedures, processing notifications contracting authority's decision to award the contract to individual candidates into the information system of public procurement.


We can support your company in the area of the accounting and taxes mainly with the focus on the decision making process what kind of service to use – in house service or full outsourcing.


Fast and efficient service in the implementation of the debt management system. Your main business activity is certainly different than attempts to obtain payment for the proper delivery of the service or product. The aim of our effort will be to establish mechanisms for the permanent reduction of overdue debts while maintaining your reputation in the industry and not to disrupt the good business relationship with your partners.

We are also businessmen who appreciate quality work, respect the serious competitive environment and build mutual trust.


For your innovative projects we arrange meetings with potential investors who would support its financing and realization. The service includes the preparation and verification of the business plan, financial plan, risk analysis and other necessary documents for the possibility of a pragmatic investor's decision making.

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Strategic management consulting

Saturated market, advanced competitors, demanding client, staff fluctuation – these are the main attributes influencing the company activity. The most valuable creative element of the company is its employees – talented, motivated, inspiring, productive and loyal. Within our long-standing management experience we have built plenty of successful working teams. We found and tried many approaches how to inspire the team members and subsequently whole team in order to increase significantly the productivity. We also implemented tools that in specific conditions did not work and we failed. Through this experience we know how to apply cfor reaching every targets of every company.

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For established companies and start-ups we provide premium consultation for complex corporate strategy in the areas of marketing, sales, quality control, purchasing, human resources, communications, financial management, production management and other key agenda.

We have personal managerial experience across a lot of disciplines with proven excellent results achieved for the owners or the shareholders.


Satisfaction and performance of employees is perceived as communicating vessels. To ensure transparency for both employers and employees, while also achieving corporate goals we suggest, after thorough assessment, the optimum setting key performance indicators (KPI) at all levels, where it makes sense. We think pragmatically about this issue in order not to create any complicated solutions, but only functional principles.


The company is complicated itself when it does not have properly redefined competences and responsibilities of its employees. Dual responsibility = nobody works on tasks. Missing competence= failure to deliver orders in time and quality. And many other examples.

After a thorough assessment we design optimal competency model in line with corporate strategy. Each employee is aware of its responsibility and will be convinced of their usefulness for the company's success.


Within the overall corporate strategy we devote the area of trade thoroughly. Each service, product, or solution requires an optimal sales strategy. By this we mean how we can successfully sell, generate a positive margin and have a loyal and satisfied customer.

We will recommend the optimum mix of direct, indirect sales, combined with online tools. We have personal experience with proven management experiences and first-class results. We do not promise we deliver.


It is a sad situation when a business team is able to find great opportunities and still the company does not generate a satisfactory profit or margin. Costs are the key area where lots of businesses fail.

Strategic purchasing, selection of key suppliers and their development, implementation and controlling principles, optimization of resources allocated to projects, using the support tools and many other measures. Each indefensible spent crown, euro or dollar is a luxury that in today's competitive environment you cannot afford.


If there is nobody who is suitable or available for some working activities, or if you need a highly professional expert, the suitable solution is called Interim management (temporary expert).

We focus on interim management services in the areas of senior management (CEO, CFO, COO) and project management. We have proven managerial experience with first-class results of which our satisfied customers can give you references.

In developed markets, this form of service is very used - transparently defined task and accurately measurable result of the delivered work.

We coordinate the
implementation of selected
solution and approaches

Our tailor-made services

  • We process the actual audit with respect to the business sector of the company and future company and business strategy.
  • We propose optimizations and alternatives of solution development.
  • We process the feasibility study including the risk analysis and plan for implementation.
  • We support the procurement processes including the proposal of selection criteria, publicizing the procurement, communicating with stakeholders, monitoring the opening and examination of bids, creation of an analytic framework to evaluate bids.
  • We coordinate the implementation of selected solution and approaches.
  • We submit the verification of expected effects
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